It is the mandate of Mesilla Valley Pain Clinic to provide the best pain care available for patients, both in Las Cruces, and the surrounding area. Pain care involves a wide range of options. Our focus is interventional treatments. Medication is only one of the options we utilize.

     Primarily, we provide treatment interventions such us epidural injections, peripheral nerve blocks, spine treatment including highly sophisticated neuromodulator (spinal cord) stimulation, and disc procedures like nucleo-plasty or radiofrequency facet ablation for joint arthritis.

     A “pain patient” describes someone experiencing discomfort or suffering. MVPC also treats cases that are more advanced and serious in nature. These cases are usually beyond the scope of a primary care provider.

     MVPC works with the local community of physicians, sometimes simply advising them, or in certain situations initiating complete care of the patient. Often, the clinic shares its expertise with neurosurgeons or spine surgeons before or after back, neck or spine surgery.

     When the situation requires that we implant devices for pain control, we use only highly reputable, nationally well-known companies. MVPC works with both hospitals in Las Cruces, as well as physical therapy and radiology institutions, when needed.

     Mesilla Valley Pain Clinic is proud of the time it has spent in the greater Las Cruces community, providing pain care for the last 11 years, and building over time, a very skilled and knowledgeable team that truly cares for its patients.

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